Packing Day Info

Packing Day is Sunday, Feb 4 from 12:45-4pm in the Holy Cross SCHOOL cafeteria.  Please enter the cafeteria from the rear entrance down the hill the right of the school.  Remember, for Packing Day, here's what you need to bring:

  • Any letters for your child/participant that you want them to read in El Salvador
  • A signed Consent Form.  If you don't have it, here's the link.
  • Any remaining donations (we can still accept donations after the trip)
  • All meds or supplies collected for the trip. Get the list here.
  • A sleeping bag with towel, sheet, and any 3+ oz liquids (contact solution, sunblock, etc rolled inside of it)
  • One to two used suitcases that you don't care if you see again. They will get dirty.

The first thing you will do is hand stuff in and register.  Then you will bring your sleeping bag to the back of the cafeteria and LABEL it.  This is key so we can get you to sleep immediately upon arrival in the village.

**Parents are welcome to stay and help.  It is chaos for 60 minutes and then makes sense as the kids crank on the packing.

Pasta Dinner to Benefit El Salvador Trip

Your ticket to a delicious meal and a good cause

Join us at Holy Cross Church in Dewitt anytime betwen 5-6:45pm on Thursday, January 11, 2018 for a hearty, heart-warming Italian meal including Dee's Famous Chicken Riggies. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students, and free for 10 and under. Find a trip participant to purchase a ticket or buy at the door.

If you are a trip participant, remember we need you there by 4:30pm to help with the meal. Don't forget to bring in your area-specific food items. Here is what you need to bring.

Syracuse Medical & School Supply List

Start collecting these supplies for our packing day. Start a drive at your school/church/community center or get creative with collecting these necessary items for our friends in El Salvador

Medical Supplies

Adult Vitamins
Chewable vitamins for kids
Tylenol for adults
Tylenol for children (chewable, liquid, infant drops)
Ibuprofen for adults
Ibuprofen for children (chewable, liquid)
Hydrocortisone cream
Antifungal cream (lotrimin) (Lots of these)
Neosporin or other antibiotic cream
Visine or other eye drops
Chemical cold packs
Newborn formula
Baby powder
Gold bond
Fine tipped scissors
Antacids (rolaids, pepcid, maalox, tums, etc)
Cough drops
Lotions for lice or scabies
Cough, cold, and allergy medicines
Moisturizing lotions and creams
Soaps and shampoos
Pregnancy Tests
Mouth wash
Gatorade powder

School Supplies

Lined, loose-leaf paper
‰Ball-point pens (black or blue)
‰Pencils (wooden with sharpener preferred)

Syracuse Trip to El Salvador 2018 Participant List

Here is our roster for the upcoming trip to El Salvador. If for some reason your friend did not get an email from us with details about the trip but you see his/her name here, please let him/her know to get in touch with us ASAP.

Dave Braun
Hannah Brod
Kevin Burns
John DiGiovanni
Jeff Dixe
Joe Domachowske
Mary Beth Domachowske
Eileen Chappell
Brooke Fraser
Lori Grabowski
Anthony Grasso
Tammy Gunn
Nathan Gunn
Jill Hayward
Brooke LaFlair
Ana LaFlair
John LaGorga
Bill Little
Dan Littlepage
Nicole Littlepage
Matt Lumia
Jasmin Moradi
Kelly Parker
Trevor Regan
John Roadarmel
Moshe Roberts
Ben Titus

Joey Armenta
Libby Baker
Andrew Balotin
David Beseth
Julia Boule
Kelsey Braun
Megan Brown
Courtney Burns
Ben Burrows
Anthony Ciccone
Christian Comer
Mary Kate Conan
Graham Cullen
Andrew Detter
Joe DiDomenico
Clare DiGiovanni
Alessa Dixe
Sam Feeney
Kate Foraker
Sophia Foti
Ethan Fraser
Luke Frontale
Annie Gale
Gabby Gibson
Tanner Gunn
Marina Hatem
Cecilia Hatem
Claudia Hauser
Olivia Haven
Cally Hendry
Kaylie Holz
Adam Hyatt
Tori Jantsch
Abby Jantsch
Nathan Jennings
Kayla Karmis
Hope King
Faith King
Lydia LaGorga
Jack Little
Katie Lutz
Lindsay MacLachlan
Nick Mannion
CJ Monroe
Leah Netti
Bridget O'Hern
AJ Ortega
Colin Palladino
Sawyer Parker
Aleksandra Patalita
Dan Polhemus
Dan Prucha
Hayley Quackenbush
Kayli Regan
Mary Reith
Hannah Retz
Esther Richardson
Taylor Roadarmel
Isabella Rubino
Jessica Spina
Delaney Stahrr
Matt Stanford
Haley Streever
Sydney Tanner
Grace Thomas
Ryleigh Tilison
Mark Toscano
Allie Vanetti
Iris Vinal
Will Walton
Quinn Walton
Lauren Westfall

Syracuse Trip Application Closed

The application process for the 2018 Syracuse Trip to El Salvador is now closed.

All applicants will be notified regarding their acceptance status. Please allow time for your application to be processed, and a trip leader to be in touch with you. Be sure to check your email address listed on your trip application for any updates as it is our primary means of communication. Be sure to check your promotions tab and junk folder. Please know that we would love to take everyone with us, but due to a variety of factors, sometimes we have to make very tough decisions about the participant list.  


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