Syracuse Medical & School Supply List

Start collecting these supplies for our packing day. Start a drive at your school/church/community center or get creative with collecting these necessary items for our friends in El Salvador

Medical Supplies

Adult Vitamins
Chewable vitamins for kids
Tylenol for adults
Tylenol for children (chewable, liquid, infant drops)
Ibuprofen for adults
Ibuprofen for children (chewable, liquid)
Hydrocortisone cream
Antifungal cream (lotrimin) (Lots of these)
Neosporin or other antibiotic cream
Visine or other eye drops
Chemical cold packs
Newborn formula
Baby powder
Gold bond
Fine tipped scissors
Antacids (rolaids, pepcid, maalox, tums, etc)
Cough drops
Lotions for lice or scabies
Cough, cold, and allergy medicines
Moisturizing lotions and creams
Soaps and shampoos
Pregnancy Tests
Mouth wash
Gatorade powder

School Supplies

Lined, loose-leaf paper
‰Ball-point pens (black or blue)
‰Pencils (wooden with sharpener preferred)